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    Local 938 Retirees Club President Ray Gillard and his Executive present a cheque and table full of toys to Maria Esteves of the Breakfast With Santa Foundation at the December Christmas Luncheon. (For full story see Retirees Club).
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    Local 938 Bowlers bring home the Women’s Caucus “Bragging Rights” Trophy recently for the 2nd time in the three years of the tournament. The team included Mike Cooper (missing from photo), Joe Jephson, Vince Johnson and Bob Miles. 12 teams participated in the tourney. Yolande Lewis presents the trophy.
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    Mississauga East won the Purolator Metro Challenge 3-pitch co-ed Softball Tournament in July. See Purolator for full details and photos.
  • Retirees
    Local 938 President Craig McInnes congratulated retiring business agents Peter Burgess and John Gorman at the June 2014 General Membership Meeting. He thanked them for their many years of service to the membership and wished them good health in their retirement.
  • Golf
    Lois Miles and Rebecca Laws direct Paul Pardy during the Local 938 Member’s golf tournament putting competition recently. Ania Broderick keeps score. See Special Events for full coverage.
  • Gary Campbell
    Long Combination Vehicle driving for UPS is Gary Campbell’s specialty. See “A Day in the Life of a Teamster” for full story.


Pepsi Members Children win Scholarships

Two Pepsi Canada member students were recently awarded $1,000 scholarships through the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund which is operated by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in Washington. Asaanth Sivajohan, daughter of Sivaramalinga Sivajohna, and Kayla McAdam, daughter of Roy T. McAdam received news of the scholarships wins in early October.

John Gorman Retires - Vince Johnson Moves to Vice President.

President Craig McInnes announced the retirement of Vice President John Gorman at the December General Membership Meeting. He will be replaced by former Trustee Vince Johnson beginning January 1st, 2014. Mr. Gorman plans to remain a Business Agent until August of 2014. A new Trustee will be appointed early in the new year.

John Gorman • Vince Johnson

Labour Opposition to Bill C377 (Union Disclosure Bill) Growing!

See Canadian Trades/Workers Build Canada Information Video 

Teamsters Local 938 President Slams “Right To Work” Philosophy!

Bill C377, the Union Disclosure Bill in Canada and the growing anti-union sentiment in the U.S. has President Craig McInnes concerned and looking for solidarity amongst all union members in the country if organized labour is to hope to maintain and protect the middle class lifestyle that it has taken decades to   create. All Local 938 members should take the time to read a handout that was distributed at the February 2013 General membership Meeting. Click here for Notice

Teamsters Local 938 Hailed for Sandy Support!

Teamsters Local 938 President Craig McInnes was surprised by the outpouring of appreciation from fellow Executive Board members at a recent International Brotherhood of Teamsters Meeting In Washington. The generosity displayed by our Local with a $3,000 contribution to the relief fund was applauded and McInnes was extremely proud to represent the membership and accept the kudos from our American brothers and sisters.

Teamsters Local 938 Hailed for Sandy Support by American Brothers and Sisters.

Teamsters Local 938 recently donated $3,000 towards the disaster relief fund to support those affected by Hurricane Sandy in the Fall of 2012.

Pepsi Member’s Daughter Wins Scholarship.

Brintha Sivajohan was a big winner in the 2012 James R. Hoffa Memorial   Scholarship Fund with a $10,000 cheque to support her future education, and dad Siva , an employee of Pepsi Canada couldn’t be happier. “Today’s education is costly” he said, “and this money will go a long way to helping Brintha achieve           her dream of becoming a doctor”. Brintha is currently studying bio-medicine at Western University.

Local 938 Adds New Vehicle With a Powerful Message.

Drivers following Local 938’s new Dodge Hemi on Ontario’s roadways will not soon forget the memorable message staring them in the face....”KICKIN’ ASS FOR THE WORKING CLASS”. That pretty well sums up the Teamsters mantra when it comes to representing their members.